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He said Delta was in touch with its partners,Air France KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and was "not aware of anychanges to their operations."
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The British currency stayed resilient even after Carney dealt a blow to sterling bulls on Nov
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Under the indirect electoral system, the upper house, lower house, and military bloc in parliament each put forward a presidential candidate
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“This attack was very well planned and was clearly not seen by the French intelligence services
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"She's one of the strongest people I know and we have a very close relationship
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It would take 25 years before I found the courage to ask him why he left
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“They should have had more treatment options”, Baker said
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AquAdvantage Salmon was created by the Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty
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Along with his brothers, Dayton helped expand the upscale Dayton's department store and its discount offshoot, Target, into nationally known chains.
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And the Rangers aren’t even playing their best.
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"New York state regulators and regulators in a lot of other states weren't paying attention."
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I’m not convinced enough yet in this Chiefs turnaround to take them as road favorites in a divisional game, but San Diego has had a penchant for close-but-no-cigar performances.
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Sick on a psychological level, and he needs help
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Wide-eyed and excited, he asks if the prints could have been made by another type of wild animal
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The boys didn’t know each other at all, spoke different languages, knew different families and haven’t properly met each other, until they turned 21
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Only refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq will be treated as legal migrants, as they are from war-torn countries
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Featuring little shell-shaped studs on the shoulders and cut outs strategically placed so as to flatter the figure, this Spring 2016 collection piece certainly knocked our socks off.
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They're doing well to keep going with such energy at this hour, I am struggling in attempts to spell and pronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor
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It lands BOE policy makers led by Governor Mark Carney with the tough task of finding a balance between signaling higher interest rates and reining in the pound.
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Daily fantasy players are not the only ones fretting about the possible loss of the games
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City Hall spokeswoman Monica Klein responded, “There have been a number of big, long-term ideas floated to reform the city's jail system
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Remember the last series when The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins refused to get in a helicopter? Well, this year, the I'm a Celebrity..
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The town was retaken last week, butthe damage to relations between its former inhabitants may beirreparable.
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Neither is being a Nobel Prize winner, as the biologist Tim Hunt discovered after he made a cack-handed joke about female scientists
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intelligence agencies who have first-hand knowledge of the ISIS chemical weapons program, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive information.
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The ability to bypass Indian onshore restrictions is still likely to generate enough demand for masalas, Barclays’ Thakur predicts
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"This is a Bond-like product," says Mr Coker
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Despite her 63 years, the Kardashian momager looked youthfully chic and trendy in her grey ensemble consisting of a wool coat and a knit ribbed turtleneck dress from Wolford
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I hope it makes people realise that they should reach out to others at a time of need and I’m so excited for it to be part of BBC Children In Need
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I just want to say, I love my compost
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Jim Jones told his followers their community was under threat, and ordered them to take their own lives.
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Martin O'Malley have put forward plans to increase benefits across the board, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks of more targeted benefit increases
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” Whether it’s tied or they’re leading by a goal, the other teams seem to lose energy
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The CPUC reported investigating City Sightseeing between 2012 and 2014, primarily for insurance and ownership issues
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Only after halftime, he said, were spectators told to go to the middle of the stadium and that there had been at least one blast
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Some 54% said they ‘felt despair' at some stage because of their health, while 10% felt ‘much more limited' in comparison to other people of their age.
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The game drew a near-sellout crowd of 43,433 with temperatures in the 50s for the national team's first game in St
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Even though I was contracted to the end of 2015, they seemed willing to wait
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These include Skipton Building SocietyChairman Mike Ellis and the chief executive of Tesco's personal finance arm, Benny Higgins.
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A helpful way to remember what to look for is to use the ABCDE method:

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