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He quit the case a year earlier, fearing then for his safety and that of his family.
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The Browns have allowed 171 more rushing yards than the next highest team, essentially an additional two games more than all others
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The Jets have already won more games than they did a year ago, but the success of the season will hinge on whether Gang Green makes it to the postseason
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For two decades now, top executives active in the nation’s most prolific play, the Permian Basin, have gathered in Midland for the Executive Oil Conference—and this year is no exception
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The mortality rate among women increased by 26.8 deaths per 100,000 people, while the rate for men increased by 7.7 deaths.
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I already had two sons at Boston College
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The order put plans to depose Cosby and his longtime attorney on hold for now.
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It said users in New York could also continue to withdraw from their accounts.
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In addition, we have quite large stockpiles of horn.
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When the smoke cleared on Saturday night, it was fair to wonder if we’d even have two unbeaten teams left standing in early December.
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led a group rejecting the yuan's inclusion, which could complicate things
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After initially dismissing the charges, Russian leaders have acknowledged the problem and pledged to cooperate with reforms.
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"We had no Blue Lagoon, no museums, nothing that we have now
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"I have a lot of rage and hatred
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A lot of people died for no reason
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Jose Calderon turned the ball over on the ensuing possession and James answered with a Jordan-like fadeaway with Anthony in his face.
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It means you have a safety net in place.’
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At first, match stewards in their fluorescent tops were confused by the commotion
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We went out and saw all the dead people lying there, so we came back here."
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“Everyone had my back, talked to me
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I’m motivated enough,” James said Friday morning at the Garden during his team’s shootaround
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We’re losing these people, and even if they’re still with us, they are unable to continue the fight for awareness.”
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The tour celebrates the new and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers which help prevent diaper sag, helping babies go from sag to swag.
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While overall contamination rates remain high — 75% of chickens tested are contaminated to some degree — they are coming down
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Everyone was running toward the Rue Amelot or the boulevard Voiltaire.
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The queries ranged from "Will you marry?" to "Are you happy?" Bieber answered affirmatively to both questions.
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Twice a year, in spring at the start of the grazing season and in autumn at season's end, herds of sheep cross the country during a long march of hundreds of kilometres
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This latest step would allow users to transfer money, not just make payments.
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"In Beatles world, if you can make something more aggressive, they want it more aggressive," Martin says, cueing up Paperback Writer to prove his point.
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The question now stands on whether or not they’re willing to pay those extra charges for it.
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By understanding this process, we hope to develop medicines that can prevent this disease process or even reverse it.”
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Union square was crowded with shoppers and tourists when the bus quickly crossed two city blocks at a high rate of speed, according to eyewitnesses
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Neymar has proven over the last three months that he is absolutely capable of being the star of the Barcelona show and could go on to become the best individual player in the world.
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2015 was another brilliant year for Children In Need, with, at the time of writing, a record-breaking 37 million being raised for good causes, beating last year's total by nearly 5 million
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I totally broke down." She will never forget the phone call last year
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He also played Eddie Silva in CBS' "As the World Turns." listed his most recent roles in 2011.
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I do, honestly, thank the Anglican (or, if you’re reading this in Scotland, Presbyterian) God that we live in such a calm and well-ordered Queendom
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And it wasn't scripted to within an inch of its life."

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