Content Shed

Web Design and Development

At Content Shed we build websites that deliver consistent results for our clients.

We take a Content Centered Approach putting ourselves in the minds of your customers.

What will they search for when they sit down in front of a browser?

What is the issue they are trying to solve, or the product they want to buy?

Once we have a clear picture of the potential customers, and the reasons they are searcing online, we can build a website that specifically targets the customers needs. 

We all want conversions to sales/business from our website, but in order to do that you have to give the customer what they want.

Be clear in your deisgn and content. Avoid waffle and jargon, guide the customer through the options on your site. Allowing a customer to interact easily with your online presence instills confidence in your offline capabilities. 

Sounds good?

talk to us today. 

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