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The 2 percent gilt due in September 2025 rose 0.515, or 5.15 pounds per 1,000-pound face amount, to 100.175

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In the absence of that level of excitement, Jolie Pitt has embedded a mystery within the narrative

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Is the proposal supported by the Labour half of the council’s ruling coalition robust? It could be, but it would take a lot of faith to believe that at this stage

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We don’t know its precise orbit yet and we don’t know anything about its chemical composition,” Sheppard said

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"Regulation is one thing, but this isn't regulation - just one guy making a decision," said Green, who spends a few hundred dollars a week on the games

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This is supposed to be a two-day pilot to assess the viability of greater public use

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However, these plants were controlled and the bacterium did not make it into the wider environment.

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England are sitting back right now and are defending rather deep

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The blockchain is a shared distributed ledger that records and stores digital assets

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Only one act will be eliminated this week, with the two acts who receive the lowest number of viewer votes going into a sing-off

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Homeland Security Department officials monitoring the attacks in Paris said there was no known, credible threat against the U.S., officials were on high alert at sporting events across the country.

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He told NBC News he heard an explosion — "it didn't sound like a firecracker, it sounded like a bomb" — but the match continued.

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The Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory as a result of the quake but cancelled it about 90 minutes later

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The former Spice Girl and mother of four always manages to knock our socks off in her own designs, but for shoes she tends to turn to Italian brand Casadei

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Vincent went ahead on a move that began with a long ball over the American defense, three of the first four U.S

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Stidham is also dealing with back pain

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Iran is fighting to the last Houthi, laughing at the Saudis and Emiratis as they spend resources in what Tehran hopes will be an endless quagmire

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So in Anglesey a plan was hatched to cull the greys

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But according to Filipino BBC presenter Rico Hizon, the origins of bullets could date back to a Philippine folk tradition from the late 19th Century.

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It was not clear if all the attackers were accounted for.

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economic datacontinued to support expectations that the U.S

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What can you get in contemporary art for that same price?”

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The hall is near the former offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, target of a deadly attack by Islamist gunmen in January.

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Prosecutors have not disclosed how the hackers werecompensated.

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Under new co-Chief Executive John Cryan, the bank is reshaping its operations around the world, cuts jobs and reorganizes management.

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In a brief statement following the attacks that terrorized Paris Friday evening, President Obama expressed his sympathy for the city and its people


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"And you're probably going to put your children out of the way

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We put them in a hostile environment; take Dallas for example

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Everyone was running toward the Rue Amelot or the boulevard Voiltaire.

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The newest route was introduced with the 2012 parade

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There is no extradition treaty between Macau and Hong Kong.

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Plus, you will receive our exclusive Members’ Magazine – four times a year, a free handbook worth 10.95, and kids go free with an adult member.

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“We talk about different things,” said McDonagh, who has goals in two straight games

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And Paris-based UNESCO is expecting world leaders Monday for a forum about overcoming extremism

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When a French journalist asked James about the tweet he added: “Our world right now is having so many different tragedies

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Representatives of 70 countries and regions from all over the world took part in the annual beauty contest

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These are then put back on sale at the original face value.

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It’s about a calming awareness and good communication letting our guys know where to go with the puck.”

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Space observers were keen on tracking the path of the object’s entry

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