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Germany's chancellor has defended her government's policy change with regard to refugees in a TV interview

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In recent years it also has emerged as one of the trendiest of the city's neighborhoods.

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I saw a girl hit right in front of me

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To be able to play this beautiful game every single day, and be healthy and put on the uniform is the motivation that I have

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The Chief Minister had also directed officials to provide one set of school uniform to students

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At least two of the gunmen at the concert hall, who appeared to be in their 20s, were carrying AK-47s

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[and] provisional advice is that this new information would not materially affect the validity of the [mine's] approval decision."

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It would have dropped to 85 percent by going for it, which is historically successful 53 percent of the time

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Moments after the referee had blown his final whistle, hundreds of fans started streaming onto the field

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There were huge controversies on this point with black cars and green cars, which later we finally won

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“The public tends to think that self-driving cars are here, but the reality is that some of the (environment) sensing tech isn’t fully baked yet,” says Eustice

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The week began with Northern Illinois upending Toledo, but the real fireworks hit on Saturday

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Pollard's plans aren't immediately clear

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Collectively they speak 15 languages, including Urdu, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin.

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He told us "of course" he has flow private, but says, "we live in an imperfect society”

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Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell had to take a leave from the team in August to receive treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and his cancer is now in remission.

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He added that the clubs had discussed with Major League Baseball officials whether they should announce the deal Friday night.

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You might not get the smiles, which can then make you feel, “They don’t like me” or “I’m boring them”

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If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on

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I would worry more about people being inspired by it than directed.”

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I love sitting in the driver's seat, directing everybody to achieve the sound I'm looking for

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"All of that is a negotiation."

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The trio of free agents, who agreed to the $15.8 million, one-year contracts Friday, were among 20 players given the offers Nov

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"The only thing that could deter this is if the U.S

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Julien Pearce, a journalist from Europe 1 radio, was inside the concert hall when the shooting began

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But we have a real concern about the crackdown on legitimate political opposition, especially on journalists," said Democratic U.S

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That means start figuring out how you might reposition your home equity by downsizing, renting, or taking out a reverse mortgage home equity line of credit

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The truth is that very disturbed children take a very long time to provide visible outcomes."

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intelligence operations and criminal investigations.

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That is twice CSN's 3.4 netdebt to EBITDA ratio a year earlier

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“When I (first) heard about it, they only say there was 18 people dead

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People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to have a stroke or heart attack compared to those with healthy or controlled blood pressure," she explained.

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Once the transplanted organ heals completely, the team will be thawing and implanting the frozen embryos individually into it

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Most outdoor activities were banned for students due to yellow alert of smog in Jinan on Thursday, local media reported

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“BT is very disappointed that Ofcom has proposed the removal of the wholesale must offer obligation on Sky,” said a spokesman

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Characters involved include Danny Dyer, Dame Helen Mirren, David Tennant, and lots of other celebs whose names don't start with D.

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I have dreamed of this moment ever since I saw David Kirk’s All Blacks light up the country in 1987.

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